with RAMONES 1980

RAMONES 1980 photo by Akihiro Takayama

Bob Geldof.
photo by Akihiro Takayama

text by Takashi Kitazawa
a one time-Japan Phonogram Record. Co. western music Producer
ZOMBA Records Japan Co.President(2000-2003) "now Executive Secretary of Fujipacific Music Inc japan
as texe as poem
BOB GELDOF faced each other frankly in an era and was locking frankly.
The BOOM TOWN RATS that leads that BOB GELDOF in April, 1980 did the middle,
the first visit to JAPAN of the PUNKture movement from the occasiont.

The second half of 1970 from 80 at the beginning of apply, breaking as
world of ROCK- world PUNKtured, newWAVE of movement of inside be, they
even such group of one with said, be and that time in record company of
charge was I sbj them obj betray not whether or not mind with that like
category to them obj unreasonable doing confining been might have.

The music that was said to be LAIDEBACK of America of the unit in 70
It is a fact that "GAGAGAGA" and, this are the ROCK of the real thing,
to the music
that was doing LAIDEBACK clearly The CRASH and The JAM and The POLICE,

Elvis Costello, etc.

To this and felt the target message
In presently it becomes and think
The antiestablishment thinking, that faces Bob Geldof at that time,
that and felt is said
like the soul of ROCK never is in his creed and face society situation
without being able to
peel the back really diligently merely and the such feeling that was
his creed does
to NOT-ESCAPE from there.
WITHOUT-ESCAPING, facing frankly in an era namely it makes it the song
and report and also
it was acting.
And, or that the idea of "I DONT LIKE MONDAYS" and "LIVE AID" appeared'
I don from there might
have been the natural result.
And I think that.
that was the ROCK of BOB GELDOF.

text by Takashi Kitazawa
a one time-Japan Phonogram Record Co. western music Producer
ZOMBA Record Japan Co. President(2000-2003)


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