Bob Geldof.
photo by Akihiro Takayama
text by
Japan,The weekly F.M.magazin,
former, chief editor ,Nobuyuki Maeyama ,2001

as text as poem

The POP ROCK music, so-called movie music, canzone that
blossomed the flower in the 1960's World wide POPS
(pop music stars such as the "Madonna" greatly and " nobuyuki" has the history that did the job.)

such as the American pops be 1970 It enters into the period
and America, England centering around popular
It is gathered to includes ROCK music. Of course Germany,
France etc. becoming it a that band appears and smash-HIT
It has entered into Japan, even though I take out it and
the enchantment of the music fan of Japan
The one that does it the music of the two nations is
In 1971 RED-ZEPPELIN the first visit to Japan,
at Hakone PINK-FLOYD legend is born.
the first visit to Japan,
EAGLES, BLUES-SPRINGS-TEEN, and others come out.
After that "70s Era such as DIAR STRAITS, The POLICE,
TOTO, PRINCE,to the reign The various tastes that I
have made have been born. Exactly The 70's were the golden
age such as all sorts of flowers jumble.

-INN JAPAN- [japan A weekly F.M. magazine] be 1971 years
that it was born.
Exactly curtain of the 70's POP-ROCK MUSIC open as it was
the same time almost. Even the music scene of the interior
is influenced to the impetus
of this POP-ROCK music of course and be now
The various MUSICIAN that the great authority is joining grow
Decided that it is in terms of this time, although I go.

The BOOM TOWN RATS & BOB GELDOF first that, visited Japan
1980 Spring.
Various MUSICIANs visit Japan like the first term at that
time and also Because fly the hit and was overpowering the
music scene article of the magazine .It does the visit to
Japan notice that even, make mixed information only merely
and also the hit tune that satisfies the reader readily,
just I was writing the PR manuscript
It was not possible that. This be when it covers the
MUSICIANs of the interior Even, by being able to say
[weekly F.M.] in other F.M. magazines, music magazine and,
persons Intending the article make that even cover taste
differs even taste I was responding to the reader.
[Weekly F.M. ]of one of' this sells it' it was also.
Regarding, the visit to Japan MUSICIANs the coverage time
in Tokyo the magazine company
Time orders it for the invitation source, without being able
to take so with Issha because it is many I follow the
district performance and also, specially the off day
(Tokyo sightseeing such as)
To it causes receive it accompanied and and also, at times
the district performance privacy in Chasing it I cover
it and also.....

It says that The BOOM TOWN RATS & BOB GELDOF visit Japan
I hear news from the staff of the record company in that
time and it with
The Photo-sessions of if, that is [weekly F.M.] is cnceive
an idea and was attached the bath of the town
Engaging wholly the home, so-called bathhouse it is soaking
in all the baths Wanting to shoot the picture
(the photograph) unreasonableness was spoke of
that.Particularly as for the causality of The BOOM TOWN RATS
& BOB GELDOF and bathhouse, there was nothing.
But, just thought that the one that changed like the picture
is desiring it needless to say description
Music essence,details with regard to their recent situation,
the first visit to Japan, music for the that contents

("ONGAKU NO TOMO SHA CORP" was publishing "Weekly F.M magazin")
It was going to do.
Before the bathhouse opens to a general visitor specially
use! If their coverage day is decided after, with reason that
asks to do it bathhouse It becomes the stage that says only
with negotiation and the record company staff From, it is
the answer called "Non". Record company staff
be the bath them' To it takes the trouble of entering' it
may not said inevitably, that.
And the visit to Japan-Report be the "Cameraman-Akihiro Takayama"
where was covering and was accompanying them, It is
constitution with, stage Photograph etc. that he shot.

Now BOB GELDOF be through music not only the music scene,
I hear that it is doing Multifull Goodness activity.

that 1980 era The Photo-session idea of the bathhouse (japanese public bath hall) is produced in that time
actually is if, will be happy too.
thanks !

Text by Nobuyuki Maeyama 2001 japan

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